La Liberté

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. – Pablo Picasso

Close your eyes, clear your heart, find the courage, emancipate yourself and let go. Art work by Khaled Bahrami

Everything around us in life is art; we are surrounded by art everyday without even noticing it. The way you write, speak, dress, drink your coffee, decorate your home, these are all forms of art. The world is your canvas and you are the artist. Even your smile is art. Art lets you speak in ways where words cannot.

One of my favorite museum is the National art gallery in D.C.  Picture is taken by yours truly.
One of my favorite museums is the National art gallery in D.C.  This picture is taken by yours truly.

I’m always inspired, intrigued by a person’s passion. The way a person’s eyes lights up when they speak about something they love. They are a very few brave, authentic, souls out there, that actually pursue what they love. I have a particular friend of mine from high school that I dedicate this section to. My friend Khaled is currently in the UK pursuing his Master’s in Fine Arts & Humanities. I remember way back in high school talking to him about his artistic abilities and him winning most artistic in the yearbook. I’m delighted to be sharing his work with you and I’m very proud of him that he is finally pursuing his dream. He holds a very special place in my heart, his spirit is infectious, his work is inspiring and his personality will draw you to him like a magnet. Just remember his name because he might be the next Van Gogh or Picasso.

KB 2

They are a couple of reasons behind this post, the first is to express my love for art and to introduce you to an upcoming artist and maybe to inspire you to go out there and paint or draw, even if you don’t consider yourself to be an artist. Art can be therapeutic; it can help you with anxiety, stress, pain, grief, love, and heartbreak. The main reason behind this post is to always remember to chase your dreams, don’t let anyone or anything hold you back. Just free your mind, liberate yourself and let go of anything that is holding you back. Don’t conform to the norm; be rebellious, authentic and true to yourself.

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember that you have within you the strength, the patience & the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. ~Harriet Tubman

Since I’m not a connoisseur of the arts, but I have a couple of really good friends that are artist. They will take you on this journey of art. I will have a page especially dedicated to art. If you have any question or comments don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. 


5 thoughts on “La Liberté

  1. I love this post!!! So beautiful written, it’s from the heart. I’m so jealous though. Why is this about Khaled, only ?? What about me?? Is it because I’m not an artist or maybe you don’t love me enough??


  2. Very inspiring and motivating to say the least and as always very interesting topics, looking forward to reading more. Thank you


  3. This blog is so neat. I love how it’s informative and the pictures are phenomenal. This post is just amazing, very motivating. Your friend is lucky to have a sweet friend like you. I’m definitely going to be following your blog.


  4. The eARTh without art is “eh”, you post about art is yay! Love it!
    Thanks for writing about the world of creativity and passion. And thanks for mentioning your friend Khaled. I would love to learn more about his works. Does he have an online portfolio?


  5. Sarah, Sunni, Ashley, Maria, thank you guys for your support and beautiful comments. I really appreciate your comments, more than you will know! Seeing your comments made my day, they motivate me to keep on writing

    Sarah – you are my number one fan and supporter so far. I will definitely be writing about you when I talk about friendships.

    Maria – Thank you so much for your sweet comments. They made me smile from ear to ear. When I create my art page you will be seeing more of Khaled’s work. He is currently finishing up his degree, so probably next month we will have an online portfolio. The first piece of artwork in this post, was the first piece he ever sold.


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